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Fox Terrier Breeders
Impossibile Bello



I was born in Zrenjanin (80 km away from Belgrade) in February 1965. I have bred dogs, more precisely German Hunting Terriers, since my early youth. During the 1990s, besides Terriers, I got interested in Rottweilers.
In 2000, I was drawn to Fox Terriers because of their persistence and courage. Their hunting skills are admirable.
Fox Terriers are small dogs with a big heart.


I was born in Zrenjanin in August 1964. Since my early youth I have dealt with dogs. The first breed that I owned was Scottish Collie.
In 2000 I found myself charmed by Fox Terriers, especially by their temperament and loyalty to the owner.
Fox Terriers are lively dogs, always ready to play and one can never be depressed in their company.